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Make Mental Health Care Accessible to Everyone!

Make the cost of weekly therapy sessions attainable for everyone, especially unemployed or uninsured adults. The average client fee at MCS is just $35.

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At the start of 2020, MCS had many unemployed clients who needed to lean our client assistance fund to make weekly therapy sessions affordable. On March 16, as MCS closed its physical doors and reopened just 72 short hours later as a telehealth mental health center, we found ourselves facing a crush of adults desperate to deal with the anxiety, depression, and uncertainty they felt as a result of the pandemic. Many of these new clients already had past trauma, addiction and other struggles weighing them down. The COVID crisis brought all these issues rushing to the surface, along with the added stress of pandemic-related unemployment.

This year, the need for our services continues climb. Your gifts and generosity help us provide the care they need at a price they could manage. The average client pays just $35 per visit.